Arima Trinidadian Restaurant

Personal Work 

(Concept, Branding and Logo Design)

For my college senior show I created the concept for Arima. Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago I was inspired by my family’s great cooking of traditional Trinidadian cuisine. My love of my families native country and its food is the inspiration for Arima Trinidadian Restaurant. Bringing Trinidadian food to the American public will give them the opportunity to experience the unique, vibrant flavours of Trinidad and Tobago while exposing them to West Indian culture.

Arima takes Trinidadian food to a whole new level with it's traditional cooking but with a modern twist. Arima gives the public a new category of cuisine that is not yet present in America. The goal is to share our vibrant flavourful food with the public but also give them a unique cultural dining experience. 

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